Australian Retailers

To find the nearest Berringa retailer in your area look at the list of stockists below. To find the nearest stores to you just go to their websites, using our links provided. Their locations should be available. A number of them will also have online/home delivery options. However if you just can’t find a retailer who stocks the Berringa product you want, feel free to visit our online shop (which is also listed on this website). If it’s in our range, we will definitely stock it!

If you want a store you use near you to become a Berringa stockist, let us know through our Contact Us page and we will do our best to try and persuade them that stocking our brilliant honey makes good commercial sense. We can’t promise, but we can try.
Telling retailers how amazing Berringa Honey is might also be persuasive. You never know!
Happy shopping.

Honey and Nature

As honey comes from nature, please be advised that honey / honeycomb taste, colour, consistency and smell will vary per batch depending on what the bees are eating, the location that the honey is sourced and seasonality.


Crystallisation of honey will occur naturally. If this occurs in your honey, simply stand the jars in a bowl of warm water for a period of time. Do not store your honey in the fridge as this will accelerate the crystallisation of the honey.